Jun 302006

Well everyone is back from their project recces and it’s great to see them all excited about their destinations for the next 10 weeks or so. Many have came back leeched, especially the boys from Danum Valley which is where I’m based for 5 days in around 6 weeks time. On the flip side they […]

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Jun 282006

Well the tables may be turned on me soon…a few of us have been invited to attend a Sabah Tourism photo shoot to potentially be models for posters to be distributed in tourism brochures around Asia!! Better put on my best clothes…. bit of a long blog entry tonight…Anyway, it’s all turned very busy in […]

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Jun 212006
Welcome to the jungle...

“Welcome to the jungleIt gets worse here everydayYa learn ta live like an animalIn the jungle where we playIf you got a hunger for what you seeYou’ll take it eventuallyYou can have anything you wantBut you better not take it from me” At least that’s how Guns ‘n’ Roses described it. After a day of […]

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Jun 202006
End of the 'holiday'

Just a quick last post before I get picked up from Raleigh for the start of the 3 months. Great crowd I’ve met so far. Unfortunately I was too late to get to one of the small islands offshore like Mamutik yesterday. Only 17 Ringgits to get there and back and it was a picture […]

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Jun 182006

How the bloody hell did I end up here? Only a few years ago I thought Borneo was the arse end of nowhere. Now I realise it’s huge. 5th (or is it 2nd?) biggest island in the world, and Kota Kinabalu is a similar size to friggin’ Edinburgh – 250,000 live here! Yes, sorry folks, […]

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