May 302006

Well work finished last week after another hectic week of finding out more about Malaysia etc. It all seemed a bit unreal walking out the office at 4.30pm on the Friday, knowing I wasn’t going back. When I hit the road to Glencoe it all seemed so right though 🙂 I headed up to Glencoe […]

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May 262006

Just a very small list off the top of my head, some of the things I’ll love about heading off (in no real order) : meeting new people, new experiences and cultures, hopefully getting away from writing endless lists of things to do or buy, new countries, challenges, stories, weather, no 9-5 🙂 , no […]

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May 262006

In no particular order : Erm no booze (during the Raleigh expedition!), missing friends, missing regular jaunts up north to walk, camp and climb, Scotland, broadband internet ;-), lack of snow and ice, no snowboarding and not so easy to climb, mosquito bites, not being able to pop back home quickly to catch up with […]

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May 242006

Well the last while has disappeared with loads of things happening, sorting out flat, writing out lists of things to do etc etc. Suddenly I attended the Raleigh International volunteer staff assessment weekend and was offered a place on their Borneo, Malaysia expedition from June to September 06. I’ll be going there mainly as a […]

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