Jul 302011
Long overdue post

I’m  long overdue with a blog post. We’ve just returned from a fantastic day skiing on the Remarkable mountains. Here’s a quick pic from a viewpoint that we could see our house from.  I’m back up tomorrow for an ice climbing course. Its all great here.  I’ve even had a few days where I’ve went […]

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Jul 172011
Our view today

We had a great cruise on the lake today after a big skiing day yesterday. Turned out it was a private cruise as noone else booked….which was great as we went to the far side of the lake. Its such a great day I wish it didn’t have to get dark!

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Jul 072011
Snow is arriving!

With a bit of luck the snow has finally started landing for the season.  We made it up skiing both days last weekend, and mixed it up a bit doing other stuff in the afternoons.  It looks like it’ll be more wintery this weekend so fingers crossed the white stuff will keep falling……

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Jun 212011
2 Months In Queenstown

By the time I post this we’ll have been in the house and Queenstown for almost 2 months already!  It’s amazing how time flies.  I’ve not posted so much on here as it would constantly sound like we were going on, and on, and on, and on about where we live.  Sure there are maybe […]

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May 182011

Nice view with my sandwich today…as I sat here taking it all in at lunchtime Ciara called me saying ‘I can’t believe we live here’.  ‘Where are you?’ I asked…and the reply was ‘On my way to the supermarket, I just pulled over to say that’. Queenstown …..we’re going to like it. Winter hasn’t even […]

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May 132011
"I'm Not Going Home"

Call it easily pleased…or is it just the false pretence of seeing me working for a week while the “boss” stays at home…..but one sight of this gluten free burger (I’m sure it not just this particular burger but gluten free in general)…but on the first bite all I heard was “I can’t go home”. […]

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May 122011
First week as a Queenstown Resident

Just a small update to say we’ve survived our first week in the house, and almost my first week in the job. Yes I know you can see the joins in the picture above, but wanted to get this up here to show a different view of “home”.  Pretty neat eh?  Yup that’s the van […]

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